Friday, February 12, 2010

And it only took 15 days to close!

Bushkill - Does that sound unusual to you…well it doesn't to Bill Warnagiris, Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates. Not when he uses Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and their new "Wells Fargo Rapid Track Program".

Bill had the pleasure of working with buyer, Tom Perkins in the purchase of 1313 Beach Street, Locust Lake in Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania. Because it was a foreclosure and getting ready to go to auction, Bill had no other choice but to make sure that they could close it on January 29th. That was January 13th, He went to Sonia Wolbert, Loan Specialist at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and told her of the tight time parameter that he had.

Sonia took the mortgage application on January 15th and on Monday, January 18th Mr. Perkins had a loan commitment. Said Sonia Wolbert ,"The Wells Fargo Rapid Track Program can close conventional loans in 10 days and FHA in 15 days for the right buyer. Mr. Perkins was the right buyer!"

Said Waranagiris, "I was really worried that Wells Fargo couldn't do it, but I've got to be honest with you…they did it and they did it with time to spare. Everyone was ready to close on the 27th, two days before the required deadline."

But Wells Fargo wasn't the only one who had to hustle, so did Pennsylvania First Settlement Services. They needed to have title and the closing package ready in what was 10 days. When the order got to Craig Roberts, President of PA1st, he didn't let any grass grow under his feet. He got right on it. "I know we had to perform; Bill is one of our Realtor Friends and he's what our business is all about…making it happen." said Roberts.

PA1st is a member of the Better Homes and Gardens Wilkins & Associates Independent Family of Home Buying Services.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates tout their Independent Family of Home Buying Services and this is an excellent example of where partners in the home buying business work together. The Perkins closing was held at Pennsylvania First Settlement Services, a member of the Family. Warnagiris used Pennsylvania First because of their great working relationship with Wells Fargo. "Everything went absolutely seamlessly when we got to closing at Pennsylvania First. In fact, it was the new HUD and the new GFE. I think it was one of the first that PA1st did." said Warnagiris.

Tom Wilkins, CEO and founder of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates couldn't agree more. "Our average closing is 40 days from contract to closing date when our buyers use all the Independent Family services. All our partners are so well versed with the paperwork, procedures, policies, and know how the other person's company operates which is one of the main reasons it runs so smoothly." "In this particular transaction, to do it in 15 days…well, what can I say!" stated Wilkins. "Each member is also well versed in cross-selling the other services--it makes a difference." said Wilkins.

When a buyer buys through Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates Independent Family, they have the opportunity to use Pennsylvania First for their settlement services, Global Home USA for the home warranties, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and their various programs for all types of buyers, "Get-Connected" an affordable utility hook-up and NEPA Management Associates if any maintenance work needs to be done on the home, post closing.

The Independent Family was started by Wilkins and Roberts in 2001 and has been an important part of their business ever since. "Craig and I wanted to combine buyer services and make the home buying experience one that our valued buyers don't forget." said Wilkins. "It's an important part of their lives and satisfied Realtors send PA1st a lot of new buyers; I like that!" said Roberts.

If you are looking for a good Realtor, Bill Warnagiris can be reached at the Bushkill office at (570) 588-3440 or online at If you need a mortgage, call Sonia Wolbert who's available at (570) 424-1107 or online at

In closing, chucked Wolbert, "We could have closed sooner, if I really had to, but 15 days was good enough to get this blog."

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