Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Rising Phoenix Moves to BHG Business Campus

StroudsburgRising Phoenix Tang Soo Do, who is celebrating 15 years of Martial Arts Training, has moved their training facility to the lower level in the BHG Business Campus located at 7164 Route 209 Business in Stroudsburg just south of Shafers School House Road.  This new location at the BHG Business Campus offers students an ample, well-lit parking lot, clean training space as well as an area for families to comfortably watch the class. 

Master Martha L. Heise, Owner of Rising Phoenix said, “We are excited to be entering spring refreshing our commitment to our members and our community.  We are very happy about this move and it’s really just down the street.”

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO of the Wilkins organization, “We are extremely excited to have Rising Phoenix join us here at the BHG Business Campus.  Their training area is a clear-span space, brand new, has Men’s and Women’s rooms as well as a mirrored wall which allows the students to actually see their progress in class.  Master Martha is a great person to do business with; she is totally on board with her students and we’re expecting nothing but continued success for Rising Phoenix.”

If you would like further information on Rising Phoenix or are interested in registering for classes, please contact Master Martha L. Heise at (570) 216-8242 or via email at info@risingphoenixdynamicliving.com.  You can view their website at www.risingphoenixtangsoodo.com.    

Monday, April 16, 2018

Better Homes and Gardens Realtors Receive National Awards

Stroudsburg – Five Real Estate professionals from BHG Real Estate Wilkins & Associates received National recognition from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, LLC for their accomplishments in the real estate profession.

“These prestigious awards are testament to the quality of resources offered at Better Homes and Gardens Wilkins & Associates, said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO.  “Through our commitment to customer satisfaction and cutting edge products and services, we strive to meet the needs of home buyers and sellers.  Customer satisfaction is a big part of our business.” Wilkins further stated.

The four levels of awards are a way to recognize superior achievement by Sales Associates and Teams nationally that exceed targets and bring their business to the next level. 

James Martin, Realtor is a recipient of the Gold Award; Kimberly Gay, the Gold Award; Jennifer Lynn Amantea, Assoc Broker, the Platinum Award; Beth Schutte, Realtor, the Silver Award.

The Dennis Farrelly Team received third in the Nation with number of units sold by a Real Estate Team awarding them the Emerald Elite Award, which is the highest honor and only bestowed to the top two percent of affiliated Agents and Teams in the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network.

Platinum Award is given to the top three percent of all affiliated Agents, Gold Award to top five percent of affiliated agents and Silver Award bestowed to the top fifteen percent of affiliated agents nationally.

Said Christine A. Wilkins, President/ GM, “As a company, we recognized our Agents earlier this year at our Annual Awards Brunch, but to receive National recognition is obviously an honor for the Realtors themselves and for us as a company.  We love what we do and we do what we love.”

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates, along with sister company
NEPA Management Associates, is celebrating 30 years in business—2018.  Special events
and promotions are planned throughout the year.  BHG Wilkins has four offices in the Poconos, all open 7 days a week.

Please be sure to visit Wilkins online at www.BHGWilkins.com and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BHGWilkins

Friday, February 9, 2018

BHG Wilkins & NEPA Mgmt Annual Awards Brunch 2017 Winners

Stroudsburg - Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates, NEPA Management Associates, Inc., the Wilkins organization and their Independent Family of Home Buying Services celebrated their 2017 Awards Brunch, Sunday, January 21, 2018 at Lawnhaven--Stroudsmoor.

Hosts of the brunch were Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO and Christine A. Wilkins, President, owners of the company along with William “Bill” Schutte, Executive V.P.  The Awards Brunch was attended by 90 Realtors, Employees and guests.

The Certificate of Achievement plaque is given to the fulltime Agent(s) who have completed 1 year of service and while not being the Top Producer or Outstanding Salesperson, have shown dedication to the Real Estate profession and commitment to Wilkins & Assoc based on the company’s purposes, principal and goals.  This Agent(s) has worked hard to exceed their goals.  Recipients were Grace Moro, Monica McNair, Justine Eichner, Thomas Waslowski, Joanne Transue, Jeannette Mendoza, Ingrid Eagon, David Wells, Judi Moniz and Richard Feleccia.

The Rookie of the Year plaque is given to a fulltime “new licensee” who has given their all to learn the Real Estate Profession based on the company’s purpose, principals and goals.   Recipients were Warren “WK” Watson, Anisha Allen and Brittany Salapek.

The Outstanding Salesperson plaque went to fulltime Agent(s) who have demonstrated dedication to the Real Estate profession based on the company’s purpose, principals and goals.   These Agents are helpful to other agents, easily approachable and respected for their hard work and dedication.  This Agent puts the emphasis on service, not economics.  The recipients included Annette “Dot” Ifill, Thomas Farrelly, James Martin, Kimberly Gay, Beth Schutte and Jennifer-Lynn Amantea.

The Top Salesperson of the Year plaque was presented to Jennifer-Lynn Amantea, Assoc Broker from the Wilkins’ Mount Pocono office.

The Top 10 Salespersons of the Year plaques were awarded to Jeannette Mendoza, James Martin, Beth Schutte, Tommy Farrelly, Kimberly Gay, Dennis Farrelly, Thomas Waslowski, David Wells, Annette 'Dot" Ifill, Judi Moniz (not pictured) and Jennifer-Lynn Amantea (not pictured).

Said Christine Wilkins, “This year we had over 15 agents increase their business by over 20%.  While too many to mention by name, five of these agents increased their income by over 100%.  It is clear the Pocono real estate market is back and only getting better.”

The Dennis Farrelly Team, for the 4th year, is eligible for BHG Corporate recognition as one of the Top Ten Teams in the United States.  Said Dennis Farrelly, team leader, “I’m very pleased in our production for 2017.  Plus, we expanded team members which is always exciting.  For 2018 we are concentrating on much more than just the foreclosure market. 

Farrelly also stated, “In the 4th quarter of 2017, we listed and sold a number of luxury homes and in 2018, we’re prepared to ‘up’ our marketing for listings of primary, luxury, vacation and retirement homes.  Lookout Poconos---here we come!”

The Helping Hands Award, a glazed plate, is one of the most difficult awards to receive by Agents and Employees.  Helping Hands celebrates the successes of others that benefited through the recipients unselfishness, concern and genuine assistance to a co-worker.  Team work and ethics is their reward.  Helping Hands recipients live by the golden rule and know what goes around comes around.  Those Helping Hands winners were Donna Dibernard, Thomas Farrelly, Beth Schutte, Dawn Libecap, Toni Jones, Rossana Spina, and Jennifer-Lynn Amantea.

Said Wm. Schutte, “In honor of celebrating our 30 years in business, we also took time to honor those agents 30 years in business.  They included Rich Miller, Realtor from Stroudsburg office, Judi Moniz, Assoc Broker, Mount Pocono office, Cynthia Lynch, Realtor from our Bushkill office and Dennis Mooney, Sr. V.P./Assoc Broker in our Stroudsburg office.  Time-valued Salespersons, each exhibiting the best in customer service.”

Certificates of Appreciation plaques are presented to Employees who excel in their position and could not go unnoticed for day to day qualities they possess that enhance the presentation of our company.  All employees are appreciated, but sometimes there are those that warrant individual acknowledgement.  Recipients were Toni Jones and Heather Kehler.

Employee of the Year was awarded to Mark Kelly, head of the Wilkins Maintenance Department at NEPA Management Associates.  Said Thomas R. Wilkins, “While sometimes you don’t think a lot about how the day to day maintenance gets done, Mark’s contribution to the company, both internal maintenance and repairs and external through sales of maintenance repair and handyman services, is unparalleled.  Mark retired from the Stroudsburg School District after 27 years of service and joined the Wilkins organization three years ago.  Mark excels in his job every day, never says “no” and for arguments sake, can fix or repair almost anything.  Mark is someone who knows what has to be done and takes care of it and that is a quality you don’t see every day.”

Other awards presented included Best Custom Service award to Dawn Libecap and Ingrid Eagon; Trouble Shooter award to Marilyn Lesoine, Amy Evans and Toni Jones; Most Likely to Lead award to Bill Schutte and James Martin; Dressed for Success award to Toni Jones, Debbie Matthews and Christine Wilkins; Most Likely to Succeed to Kimberly Gay and Kathy Louis; Most Likely to Get the Job Done award to Betsy Lloyd and Donna Sorrentino and So Much Fun! award to Dot Ifill, Heather Kehler, Craig Hackman, Erika Huber, Thomas Waslowski, Jimmy Knowles and Joanne Transue.

The Company’s outlook for 2018 was presented by Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO who stated in 2017 the company paid over $1.5 million in commissions to Salespersons as well as approached grossing $1 million in the Property Management division.  Year over year, the company did better than 2016.  Wilkins’ outlook for 2018 was an increase in business volume overall, coming closer to the pre-recession levels, the continuing of expansion internally with hiring of new employees to expand departments, heavy concentration on teamwork to develop more online services and the ability to “produce more in less time”.  Customer service and lifestyle remain a top priority.

Corporate office of the Wilkins organization is the BHG Business Campus, Route 209, Stroudsburg.  All offices are open 7 days a week.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Mooney Voted "Realtor of the Year" by Pocono Mountain Association of REALTORS®

Stroudsburg – Dennis A. Mooney, Sr. Vice President/Associate Broker with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates was voted ‘Realtor of the Year’ by the Pocono Mountain Association of REALTORS (PMAR).  Mooney’s award was presented at PMAR’s Winter Gala & PMAR Officer Installation Dinner at Ridgecrest at Stroudsmoor January 20th.

Mooney was in Florida so his award was accepted by Christine A. Wilkins, President of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates.  Mooney did attend via speaker-phone and stated “I’m sorry I couldn’t attend in person, but I can tell you I am sincerely humbled by this honor.  I have proudly served on the PMAR Board of Directors for the past 20 plus years.  Thank you, I’m honored.”  Mooney received a standing ovation.

Mooney, a Sr. V.P. with Wilkins & Associates recently retired from the Wilkins Management Team to spend time with family, his granddaughter and gold buddies in Florida during the winter months.  Mooney will continue to list and sell homes and commercial real estate for the Better Homes and Gardens brand.

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “What an honor.  To retire and immediately thereafter receive Realtor of the Year in the same breath is humbling.  Dennis has done so much for our community and so much for the Pocono real estate industry through the years; he’s a natural for the award.”

Recipient of Realtor of the Year is chosen by peer members of the Association. 

Licensed since 1973 and as an Assoc Broker in 1986, Mooney’s accomplishments in his professional life and our community are extensive.

Mooney served on the Board of Directors of Easter Seals in 1982 when there was a local Pocono branch.  In the mid-90s, Mooney was on the Board of Directors for the National Arthritis Foundation., both on the local and at the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter level.

For 5 years Mooney has served on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity.  He remains a very active member in that organization assisting them in real estate transactions and plans on staying active in Habitat for Humanity in the future.

Mooney served as an appointed person on the Smithfield Zoning Hearing Board from 2014 to 2016.

Said Mooney, “I came to the Poconos in the early 70s; started as a ski instructor at Camelback in the winter and golf pro in the summer. I graduated from ESU where I’m an active alumnus and then got involved in the Pocono real estate industry.  I worked for Charles Poalillo in the development of Penn Estates for approximately 12 years, owned my own business constructing townhomes and condos before joining the Wilkins organization and working with Tom and Christine.  It’s been a hell-of-a run.”

This is the 2nd Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates that has received this honor.  In 2014, Carol Demarest, Realtor in Wilkins’ Bushkill office also won this prestigious award.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates, a part of the Wilkins organization, has 4 Real Estate offices throughout the Pocono Mountains.  You can visit them online at www.BHGWilkins.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BHGWilkins .  All offices are open 7 days a week.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

BHG Wilkins / NEPA Promotes Kehler

Stroudsburg – Rosemarie Lobe-Waller, CFO announced the promotion of Heather Kehler from the position of Accounting Dept. Payroll Coordinator to Assistant Controller of the Wilkins organization.

Kehler has been fulltime with Wilkins for 2 years.  In that time, Kehler handled Accounts Payable for a number of community associations managed by NEPA Management Associates.  Each Bookkeeper handles a portfolio of accounts or communities.  Kehler then began handling long-term rentals; accounts receivable, accounts payable and ACH disbursements of rent received to the owners. 

Said Lobe-Waller, “Heather is the type employee that simply stands up and says ‘what can I do next; what more can I learn; how can I help in any way; how can we handle more clients and work smarter.’  When you have that type of employee you reward them by a promotion.”

In her new capacity, Kehler will answer directly to Lobe-Waller, CFO who is and has been Controller for the Wilkins organization for the past 16 years.

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “I am very proud of our Accounting Dept.  Not only do they handle hundreds of escrows, but also the funds of over 40 community associations in different capacities, but in all cases the bookkeeping and fiscal management.  Then you add to that the other real estate related financial transactions and it’s really an incredible feat that’s accomplished within that department; and we still have the highest ratings in customer service.  The Accounting Dept. employs 4 bookkeepers and Lobe-Waller as CFO.”

Wilkins further stated, “With the amount of proposals and agreements that we’re getting on the NEPA side, as well as long-term and corporate rentals, and our real estate business picking up the way we expected, the full-fledged Accounting Dept. is vital to our business.”

Kehler will also be a part of the committee setting up the Accounting Dept. “online”, meaning in the future, it’s doubtful a physical check will be used; instead everything will be electronic—paying vendors, receiving rents, incomes and commissions. 

One of the first projects is paying the Realtors through an automated deposit into their bank accounts.  Said Lobe-Waller, “We would eliminate the processing of a check to a Realtor and having them take it to the bank for deposit.  This would mean that payment of the Realtor would be immediate and available to them through their checking account.  It’s a big step, but will put us ahead of the curve with any and all of the other Brokers.  No Pocono Broker, to my knowledge, is paying their Realtors’ commissions through Direct Deposit.”

 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates and NEPA Management Associates, Inc. is celebrating 29 years in business this coming June.  All offices are open 7 days a week.  Accounting is open Monday through Friday.  To visit our companies online, go to www.BHGWilkins.com or www.nepamgmt.com.

Friday, September 29, 2017

BHG Wilkins Hires Three Realtors

Stroudsburg – William “Bill” Schutte, Executive V.P. announced the hiring of three persons to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates Sales Team.  Hired were Latrese Laporte, Realtor, Lisa Ambrose, Realtor, and Gus Harlacher, Realtor.

Latrese Laporte will work from the BHG Business Campus.  A graduate of the Weichert Real Estate School in 2014, Laporte previously worked with Keller Williams Real Estate for 3 years.  Said Laporte, “The hands-on training I’m getting at Better Homes and Gardens is absolutely terrific.  Bill and the rest of his team have really got their act together.”

Laporte and her family of 5 moved to the Poconos 8 years ago.  In a past career, Laporte was a financial analyst for Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.  Laporte, upon moving to the Poconos, was employed with Sanofi as an Executive Assistant.

Said Schutte, “What a pleasure it is to work with Latrese.  She’s like a sponge, everything we review about marketing herself and planning her success, she doesn’t miss anything.”

Lisa Ambrose, who also will work from the BHG Business Campus, received her real estate license in March of 2017.  “Lisa is Dario Belardi’s oldest daughter.  After knowing her dad for as many years as I did, I cannot begin to tell everyone how proud we are to have Lisa on our team.”, said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO.

A life-long resident of the Poconos, Ambrose was the owner/operator of Pocono Limousine Service; the Owner/Operator of Mr. Deli and while growing up worked almost every positon at Caesars’ Pocono Resorts.

“With Lisa’s knowledge of the area, her network of contacts and her work ethic, I also predict a hugely successful career with our company.” said Bill Schutte.

Lisa Ambrose will also work with Jennifer Lynn-Amantea, Associate Broker in the Mt. Pocono office.    Amantea, a top producer with the Wilkins organization, will use Ambrose as a Buyer and Seller rep.

Gus Harlacher will work from our historic Milford office.  Harlacher was born in the Bronx, NY, and grew up in Pike County.  He graduated from Delaware Valley High School in 2004 and prior to starting his real estate career with BHG was an independent professional wrestler, a career Harlacher started in 2002.  In 2005, Harlacher then went on a tour of Alaska where he performed for USA troops at various military bases.  At the age of 19, Harlacher hit the “big lights” of the WWE as he took part in a match against former Olympian and ‘World’s Strongest Man’, Mark Henry on SMACKdown.

Said Harlacher, “In 2007 when I returned to Milford, I received an overwhelming reaction as Milford’s ‘Hometown Hero”.  Said Schutte, “Gus has the support of his fiancĂ© and both of their families in his new real estate career and that’s very important.  I am proud to say that within six months Gus closed 3 transactions.  This kid’s got a bright future with us.”

If you are interested in a Real Estate career, now’s the time to get started.  Said Wilkins, “I still firmly believe that we’re in a real estate cycle that within the next 36 months will take us to the same heights we saw in the 80’s.  The prices are starting to go up, and certainly the volume is exploding every day.  Don’t miss out; if you’ve ever thought of a real estate career call, visit or click us today and learn more.”

To contact Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates call or text Bill Schutte, Exec. V.P. at (570) 903-3913 or email at wschutte@wilkins1.com .

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates have four offices in the Poconos.  All offices are open 7 days a week and you can visit them online at www.BHGWilkins.com  or "Like" their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/BHGWilkins.

Coccodrilli Joins Better Homes and Gardens Wilkins Real Estate Office

Stroudsburg William “Bill” Schutte, Executive V.P. announced the hiring of Richard J. Coccodrilli, Jr., Realtor to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates Sales Team.

Coccodrilli, a native of the northern Poconos, had 17 years of corporate sales experience with Fortune 500 companies before starting his own company.  In 2009 Coccodrilli became a licensed Pennsylvania Auctioneer.  His Legacy Appraisal Service became Legacy Auction & Appraisal.  Coccodrilli obtained his PA Real Estate license in 2013, and with his partner, Susan Lang, now runs Legacy Auction & Realty.  Coccodrilli is also federally licensed to sell firearms. 

Said Coccodrilli, “The key to the success of Legacy Auction & Realty is that we offer our real estate or personal property selling clients so many options for maximizing their return while minimizing their stress.  We’re one of the first if not the first Northeast Pennsylvania auction company to sell assets online, to globally market and webcast our seller’s events.  We also developed a business model whereby we owned a real estate company to traditionally list for those persons/properties who may not have been a good fit for auction, but still wanted to sell their business, commercial property or home.” 

For three years, Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Wilkins & Associates, acted as Broker of Record for United Country, Legacy Auction & Realty.

In 2015, Legacy Auction & Realty became a primary member of the Wilkins organization through the Independent Family of Home Buying Services.  Recently, Coccodrilli thought it best to further his real estate career as a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates.  Coccodrilli was recruited to BHG by Bill Schutte.

“The interlocking of our two companies, Legacy Auctions and Better Homes and Gardens couldn’t be a better fit.  Rich can work with owners whose homes are not selling giving them the ways and means to sell by auction, as well as selling the owners’ personal contents of those homes listed for sale where the belongings are not going with the owner.  It is another income and downsizing source for Sellers who list their homes with us.” said Schutte.

“We are a nationally-recognized real estate company in Northeast PA with an in-house auction team.  No matter what type of assets or challenges a seller has, BHG has a solution.”  said Wilkins.

The Wilkins Family and the Coccodrilli Family go back over 60 years.  Morris B. Wilkins, inventor of the ‘heart-shaped tub’ and ‘champagne tower’ and father of Tom Wilkins, bought what is now known as Cove Haven honeymoon resort from the Coccodrilli family.  Martha Coccodrilli, Rich’s grandmother was the chef at Cove Haven for close to 30 years.

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO, “The friendship that has been formed between Rich, Susan, Christine and I has become very strong on a personal and professional level.  We’re obviously all in the real estate field and the compliment between our businesses just simply grew us even closer.  To have the Coccodrilli name associated with the Wilkins name almost 60 years later is very special to both of us.”

Coccodrilli will service the entire Northeast Pennsylvania area including Lake Ariel, Honesdale, Milford, and the ABE areas.  “I couldn’t be happier.  Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has the same intellectual and core philosophy that I’ve always lived by; and the training is simply the best.” stated Coccodrilli.

Coccodrilli is going through the various courses offered by BHG online, in-person and through the Greenhouse.  In addition, Coccodrilli is very well versed in business liquidations and offers estate appraisals for personal property which he will do in conjunction with Thomas R. Wilkins who is a General Certified Appraiser.

Coccodrilli currently resides in Effort with partner Susan Lang and their beagle Guinness.  When not ‘on the block’, he enjoys spending time at his family farm in Lake Ariel, PA.