Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Home Buying Easier

STROUDSBURG: Life is fast. Time is short. And home buying is complicated.

As a Selling Agent, your customers are placing confidence in you to help make their home purchases a reality. And in most cases, part of that confidence is reliance on your ability to put all the pieces together: mortgage financing, home inspection, home warranty, homeowners insurance, title insurance, and just about everything else that might come up.

This expectation by the consumer is evidenced in surveys conducted by the National Association of Realtors, which continue to show a strong preference for one-stop shopping.

Here's what home buyers are saying:

We would consider a firm offering one-stop shopping. YES (94%)

One-stop shopping will help make my transaction:

•· Easier. YES (96%)

•· More manageable. YES (73%)

•· Less expensive. YES (77%)

•· More convenient. YES (73%)

•· Improved accountability and control. YES (70%)

•· Less likely to have issues falling through the cracks. YES (73%)

•· Reach completion through agents and providers working together. YES (71%)

Home buyers who utilized one-stop shopping rate their satisfaction higher than buyers utilizing services from multiple services.

On a scale of 1-10:
Multiple Services

•· Overall Satisfaction

•· Satisfaction with Real Estate Agent

The bottom line: One-stop Shopping is the best service option for you and your customers. A satisfied customer is a returning customer. Meeting buyers' expectations is key to continued customer relationships and word-of-mouth referrals.

You can count on the Independent Family of Home Buying Services as your team of trusted providers:

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Mortgage Financing

Pennsylvania First Settlement Services
Title Insurance and Settlement

Global Home Warranty
Home Warranty

Small & Son Insurance
Homeowner's Insurance

Get Connected
Utility Hook-up Service

Approved Attorneys: Maria Candelaria, Ronald Hertz, Karen Hagen and Joseph Wiesmeth.
Legal Services

Craig Roberts is the author of this article. He is President of Pennnsylvania First Settlement Services and prior owned Fidelity Home Abstrast, one of the largest title companies in the Pocono region. He also founded the first Pocono AfBA, Agents and Brokers Service Corp. Roberts currently is a part of an Independent Family of Home Buying Services. He can be contached at http://www.pafirstsettlement.com

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