Saturday, October 2, 2010


Kathleen Pickarski has received the Realtor of the Month award from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins and Associates for the month of September, 2010. Kathy works out of the firms Stroudsburg location and has worked with the company since August of 2006. The firms’ President, Dominick J. Sacci says, “Kathy is extremely professional, a joy to work with, and is always thinking of how she can improve the services that she provides to our customers and clients. She really is one of our model agents”.

The Realtor of the Month acknowledgment is awarded to Realtors® based on their commitment to the Real Estate Industry as a career and the firm as a whole. Along with sales production, the Realtor® of the Month is primarily measured by their approach and mind set of on the industry, their attitude and dealings with clients/customers, and their TEAMWORK ethic.

They are also considered based on tour, opportunity time, and sales meeting attendance, onsite and on-line training participation, lead generation involvement, overall adherence to the policy and guidelines of the firm, and usage of the tools supplied by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Corporate.

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