Monday, January 2, 2012

Pocono Realtor honors the "Top 10" Realtors for 2011 at Christmas Brunch hosted by Skytop

Skytop - The Wilkins organization hosted their 2011 Christmas party at Skytop Lodge & Resort. Over 80 Realtors, employees and management personnel of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates organization celebrated Sunday Brunch on December 18th.

At brunch, eleven Realtors received "Top 10 in Sales" plaques which were presented by Christine A. Scrofano, Sen V. P. Chuckled Scrofano, "We had 11 recipients of the Top 10 award. That was because the 11th person was so close with still a lot of closing yet for end of year. We didn't want to leave anyone out."

Those Salespersons winning the Top 10 award were Carl Maurer, Assoc Broker who also according to the Poc Mts MLS system as of December 2011 was the #1 Salesperson in the entire Pocono Mts Association of Realtors. Other award winning Realtors were Dennis Farrelly, Kathleen Kazimi, Nicole Murray, Tina D'Amato, Kathy Skillman, Donna Steo, Loretta Taormina, Kim Wells, Sonia Kern and Sylwia Sacci.

Outstanding Salesperson of the Year, which is presented to that Realtor that demonstrates an accomplishment of their goals as well as being an asset to the Company, was presented to Sonia Kern. Kern is with the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates Stroudsburg office. "Sonia's production for 2011 was up over 500% from the previous year." "This girl is on fire, and I don't see any end to her success in sight." boasted Scrofano.

Two "Helping Hands" awards were given out. The "Helping Hands" award is given to that person who displays unselfishness, concern and gives genuine assistance to their co-workers. The recipient of the Helping Hands award doesn't asked to be mentioned or acknowledged. Their teamwork and ethic is their reward. All recipients of this award live by the Golden Rule and know what goes around comes around.

The "Helping Hands" award winners for 2011 were Blanca Cordero, Realtor and Property Manager in Stroudsburg and Nicole Murray, Realtor at the Bushkill office.

Said Thomas R. Wilkins, President/CEO, "The public needs to appreciate that a Realtor's job right now is a very tough one and I must compliment all of our Realtors, but at this Christmas brunch, we set aside time to honor those "Top 10" that truly excelled. In some cases, these Realtors' volume is up anywhere between 200% and 700%. Those are very hard numbers to achieve in this type market." Wilkins further added that in 2011 the Company paid over $1 million to our Realtors in commissions. "I don't think any other Broker in the Poconos can say that." said Wilkins.

Wilkins also took the time to personally compliment each of the employees in attendance. Wilkins identified each by name as well as told a little bit about their jobs. Most employees with Wilkins have been in his employ for close to 10 years. The average tenure of a Wilkins' employee is over 7 years.

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