Thursday, October 29, 2009

Better Homes and Gardens Wilkins & Assocs buys Liberty Real Estate

Pocono Summit - Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Assoc announced the purchase of Liberty Real Estate located in Poc Summit. Liberty Real Estate was one of the first brokers in the Mt. Poc area. Roxanne Lewis, Broker/Owner, operated the business since 1985. Originally from Wilkes-Barre, Lewis moved to the Poconos specifically to open up Liberty Real Estate. She has been a Realtor since 1974. "It was a hard decision. My Agents are like family, but the timing is right." said Lewis.

In addition to Lewis, two sales agents have joined the organization as full-time Realtors, Vincent B. Szykman from Wilkes-Barre and Christina M. Scavone. Szykman owned and operated his own engineering company for 25 years. After retiring, Szykman entered the real estate business. He will handle residential and commercial real estate for Wilkes-Barre.

Scavone, will be assigned to the West End office. Scavone has been with Liberty RE since 2004. Originally from the Ft. Lauderdale area, Scavone lives in Lehighton and will be part of the expanding of the Wilkins organization to the Jim Thorpe area. "Christina Scavone is very close to getting her Broker's license." "She has taken all the courses and only needs to take the required testing. Wilkins will sponsor her for that." "We're always looking for Assoc Brokers to train for managerial positions as they start to expand again with the changing economy." said Wilkins.

Four other agents are part-time Realtors who will also join the Wilkins organization.

Dominick Sacci, V.P./Gen Mgr. stated "The acquisition of Liberty RE does two things for us. It opens us to the Wilkes-Barre market (several of the Agents are located in the Back Mt. area of Wilkes-Barre) and we picked up a potential manager in Scavone." "We're pleased that Lewis has agreed to stay on until next year. The cultural mix between the two offices fit like a glove." said Sacci.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate earlier in 2009 merged the Coldwell Banker Realtors into the company making them the number 1 real estate company in listings and sales. The Coldwell Banker/Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate deal was one of the largest real estate transactions in the Poc Mts. To date, in addition to the Blue Team being a part of the organization, BHG has recruited over 20 Realtors in 2009. Said Sacci, "If you are going to get into real estate, now is definitely the time to do it and Better Homes and Gardens is the place to do it." "If anyone wants to learn more about what it is we do, take the Simulator Test to find out if the real estate field is good for you, then they should give me a call." said Sacci. You can find the Simulator Test on the career page of

The Wilkins organization started in Mt. Pocono with 3 people in 1988. Since that time, they have expanded the company to over 100 Realtors and cover all northeast Pennsylvania. Over the past 2 years, due to economic conditions, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has merged several of their offices with existing ones. Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO stated, "We hope we've hit the bottom at this point. We are in the business of opening offices, not merging them." "We have several new markets that we are looking at and after the Liberty RE purchase, the Wilkes-Barre market might be an easy one to target." said Heather D'Adamo, Exec VP-Partner. The company just recently announced the launching of a Vacation Rental Dept.

WARE, Inc. also owns NEPA Management Assoc a full-service management company that handles bookkeeping, fiscal and property management for a number of town-home communities, condominium complexes and property owner associations throughout northeast Pennsylvania. Both companies are at the 304 Park Ave office in Stroudsburg.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Assoc can be visited at

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