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By: Lisa M Flory Assoc Broker
January 22, 2010

For Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates 5 Part Blog Recruit Series

Thanks to the current trend towards home shows on cable television like House Hunters, Property Virgins, etc., some people are questioning the opportunity of jumping into a real estate career. Have you ever wondered if part time real estate would be a good career for you? Depending on who you talk to, you will get a lot of opinions both for and against the idea. Some things to consider if you choose to go down the road towards a real estate career are the flexibility of your current job and hours. You will need both the time to attract prospects to work with and then availability to show them properties when their schedule permits. You will also need time to obtain the education involved for a real estate license and training to handle real estate transactions in order to be successful. Another thing to consider are the start up costs involved including the above mentioned licensing classes and testing, joining a local board of realtors and agency, and obtaining the job training necessary to be successful. If you are able to commit to these requirements, you will find that real estate itself is a fairly flexible career and allows you possibilities not met by a 9-5 job. As a second career, it can give you an income boost without having to commit to another time clock job and if you’re lucky enough to have a full time job that provides you with a successful prospect base, you will really benefit. The possibilities are endless for a committed realtor in any market place.

Lisa Flory is an Associate Broker and Sales Manager for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates. She has been a realtor for 10 years and has experience in both residential and new construction. For more information on Lisa Flory visit

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