Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's the cost to become a Realtor

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5 Part Blog – Recruit Series

By Dennis Mooney Assoc Broker Recruiter

If you have been considering a career in real estate, you may be surprised how little it really costs.

You begin by taking the required 60 hours of instruction which consists of Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice. These courses traditionally cost about $600.00. Upon completion, you are now ready to take the Real Estate exam at a fee of $56.00.

Next, choose a Broker to employ you at a cost of $89.00 and a $10.00 Recovery Fund fee. It is very important to choose a Broker that will offer the tools and marketing to jump start your career.

Finally, your National, State and Local dues are $385.00 per year and the current PMAR MLS fees are $85.00 per quarter.

Not a large investment for a career that is interesting, sometimes exciting and can be very lucrative!

Dennis Mooney is Associate Broker/Sales Manager and Company Recruiter with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates in Stroudsburg and has been in the real estate industry in the Poconos for 36 years. Mooney can be reached at www.wilkins1.com

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