Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PA1st to add Voter Registration Form in closing packets

Stroudsburg - Pennsylvania First Settlement Services announced that effective the next sale, the Escrow Agent is going to include two (2) Pennsylvania Voter Registration forms in each of their closing packets. PA1st handles settlement and closings on real estate transactions throughout the greater Northeast Pennsylvania region, however, the majority of their closings to date are in the immediate Monroe, Pike, Carbon and Schukyll counties.

Said Craig Roberts, President, "PA1st is a member of the Independent Family of Home Buying Services with the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate people and they really got us started in making new community members aware of how important it is to vote." "It was at that time that we came up with the idea to include voter registration forms in the closing packet that each of the buyers takes with them from a closing." Roberts stated.

The move by PA1st is another "little item" that adds to the quality of services that's a part of their name.

Pennsylvania First Settlement Services…."Where service comes first".

In addition to the Pennsylvania voter registration form, PA1st includes in their closing packets an inventory list of special discounted appliances available through Sears (only available through PA1st) the HUD, and a Customer for Life form which enables the buyer to future discounts in the event they refinance their home.

The Closing Statement, loan package and other important documents are all delivered on a disc; there is no paper.

Pennsylvania First Settlement Services handles all phases of the title and settlement business including sales and refinances in the Pocono Mountain and all throughout Northeast PA. Visit them on line at http://www.pafirstsettlement.com

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