Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Quarterly Pocono Market Report- a detailed view of the real estate market in the Pocono Mountians

Pocono Mountians: Everybody wants to know, how is the Pocono real estate market doing, is it going to be a good buying season and how about the Sellers- is now the time to sell?

As CEO for Better Homes and Gardens Wilkins and Associates I have recorded a You Tube video telling you just that.

Our video is professionally recorded by George Roberts Productions, produced quarterly and distributed in real time to over 1,000 professionals, Lenders, Property Owner Associations, Buyers, Sellers and other Realtors that depend on us providing vital marketing information to them.

Please click the link to view, sit back and enjoy.

I welcome any questions, appreciate any feedback on quality, content or presentation. If you want a customized report or an expanded report please call me personally.

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